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Discover Kamari

Here you can find some recommended activities in the heart of Kamaki, while staying in Narkissos Hotel. Our hotel's location enables you to be in walking distance with almost everything!







Swimming at Kamari Beach

The beach in Kamari is considered one of the most popular beaches of Santorini and is awarded a blue flag. It is 5 km long, wide and the sea deepens sharply. It is a black beach with sand and fine pebbles, a result of the volcanic activity that characterizes the island. Kamari beach is fully organized, with umbrellas and sunbeds and lifeguard. Along it you will find restaurants, taverns, cafes, bars and shops of all kinds. If you are a fan of water sports, on Kamari beach you will find many options, from water skiing to windsurfing and pedaling, as well as diving in the enchanting seabed of Santorini.

Water Sports

Organized professional water ski schools in the area will offer you a variety of water sports activities.

Horseback riding

Riding in Santorini is a very popular sport. In the island there are horse-riding clubs and horse-riding events are organized throughout the year. It is one of the most beautiful ways to get to know the island and its nature!

Wine Tasting

A phrase that is heard more and more often in recent years, with admittedly ambiguous thoughts and opinions around it. The nature of the wine itself contributes to this, of course, which may seem simple at first, but is governed by a beautiful complexity. On the other hand, the way in which the tasting is performed. We have all seen these "weird" guys put their noses in columnar glasses and then start talking with literary and sometimes incomprehensible expressions about a glass of wine. Is not that right; Or maybe not; On the island of Santorini, a paradise for wine lovers, you can try every type of wine and get advice from the most experts in the industry.

Scuba diving

Explore the beautiful coasts of Santorini by diving in the crystal clear waters. The specialized staff will help you if you are a beginner. Discover caves, reefs, rocky slopes and archeological ruins and see up close the wonderful marine life of the area!


Snorkeling is a water activity that allows participants to experience sights and wildlife that you will never be exposed to on land. Wearing snorkeling equipment and diving into the underwater world is an adventure like no other and is the perfect tropical excursion. And he may have seen that many swimmers - athletes, make practice with snorkel, an accessory that you can easily take with you on vacation and will help you swim as much as you want and need to stay fit on your vacation.

Organized day trips

If you are a fan of exploration you can book your organized excursion and discover all the wonderful hidden places that only the locals know. At each step you will have with you an experienced guide to guide you.

Summer cinema Kamari cine

The beautiful Cine Kamari, opened in 1987 and since then offers unique movie nights under the light of the stars. Selected European movies, state-of-the-art equipment, and relaxed atmosphere in Cine Kamari's beautiful garden are some of the reasons why Kamari Summer Cinema is one of the best summer cinemas in Europe.

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